Where are they made?

ProGlider Boats™ manufacturing facility is located in Port Charlotte, FL.

What type of Warranty does HyperGlider™ have?

HyperGlider™ comes standard with a fully transferable 5/5/1 warranty. 5 Year Structural Hull Warranty, 5 Year Limited Warranty on Outboard Motors from Tohatsu and 1 Year on all accessory items not already covered directly by a standard manufacture warranty.

What is the maximum horsepower rating?

Maximum horsepower is 30HP. HyperGlider™ can be outfitted with smaller HP rated motors for instances where HP regulations or personal preference does not require higher output motors.

How fast does it go?

This is dependent on many conditions such as sea-states and total weight of passengers and gear. However, one could expect speeds of upwards between 27-30mph if all conditions are aligned in your favor.

What is the minimum water depth required?

With the motor tilted full up the HyperGlider™ will float in just 5 inches of water. With motor full down you will need 14+ inches of water. It is possible to tilt the motor up slightly before losing flow to the cooling intakes providing a 10” running depth.

Will it fit in my garage?

Yes, as long as the garage is 20-foot-deep and the door opening is greater than 7’ in height.

How is it constructed?

ProGlider Boats™ uses only the very best high density linear closed cell foams, quadraxial fiberglass cloths and carbon fiber materials. All hulls and decks are fabricated with what is known as foam sandwich construction using the latest vinyl-ester resin vacuum infusion technology which all reduces weight and enhances overall performance, structural strength and fiberglass longevity. Unlike boats made with old school wood construction methods, closed cell foams do not allow for water absorption and thereby does not promote rot.

Where do you store items on the boat?

We exclusively use what is known as “soft storage” mainly behind the seats. Soft Coolers, Dry Bags and Fish Bags are readily available in a multitude of sizes, shapes and colors.

Can you fish at night with a HyperGlider™?

Absolutely, every HyperGlider™ is shipped from the factory with fully compliant US Coastguard navigation lighting allowing for nighttime operation and anchoring.

How long can the boat run with the 6-gallon fuel tank?

This is dependent on many factors such as speed, sea-states, weight load etc. Typically, under normal conditions with varying speeds you can run for upwards of six hours or more. To clarify, if you idle while you are fishing all day you will use very little fuel - if you run at full throttle without stopping you may be empty in just a few hours.

Can I get a HyperGlider™ in different colors?

Not at this time.

I see a pull starter cord on the motor, does the HyperGlider™ have an electric key start?

Yes, there is electric key start on the shifter/throttle control. The pull start cord is only there as a backup in the event you have a discharged battery.

I have never heard of Tohatsu® Motors, where are they made?

Tohatsu motors are made in Japan just like Yamaha®, Suzuki®, Nissan®, and Honda®. Tohatsu has been making their own motors, as well as some of the other brand names mentioned above, since they were founded in 1922.

What does “HyperGlider™ gives “drifting” an entirely new meaning when it comes to being on the water” actually mean?

Drifting typically refers to floating about aimlessly in a body of water. In our case, drifting is similar to that which is done in an automobile by briefly oversteering to put the rear of the vehicle into a controlled lateral skid until the turn is completed. This is where the fun of a HyperGlider™ comes into play!